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Our hospital is always at your service 24 hours-seven days of the week. For any Emergency Admission please contact 24 hours help desk 0612-319778. For any enquiry /registration please contact +91-9939880270 , +91-9955997477(from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00p.m.)
Mission: The Mission of Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital is to provide quality healthcare with compassion and efficiency to apply and share new technology.

To promote and environment in the hospital that facilitates protection of patient’s rights and commitment towards patient care

To include preventive healthcare practices in addition to the treatment applications without discriminations of religion. Language, race and gender.

Vision: To set benchmarks of excellence in advanced, hi tech multi-disciplinary medical services in Asia, offering high quality healthcare and tertiary care facilities.

Quality Policy: Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital is committed to deliver high quality patient care through applications of latest technology coupled with medical excellence, ensuring safety of treatment during patient's stay, promoting an environment of continuous quality improvement and complying with statutory regulations.


Unique Features

FULL FLEDGED TRAUMA CARE CENTRE: Prompt & integrated management of Polytrauma & acute strokes with the availability of Neurosurgery , Neuromedicine, Orthopedic surgery, Plastic & &reconstructive surgery, cardiothoracic surgery , clinical & invasive Cardiology, vascular surgery, urology ,ENT surgery ,Gastro surgery, Eye Surgery , endocrine surgery supported by round the clock services of world class blood bank & diagnostics . The most modern delivery system – “Pneumatic Tube” to achieve efficient & safe transportation of drugs, pathological samples. First of its kind in India. Cardiac Cath Lab Alluraxperfd10 ceiling suspended-flat panel equipped with latest generation dynamic flat detector.


TRAUMA CARE centre of Ishwar Dayal Memorial hospital is equipped with a network of hi-tech critical care ambulances that has been established with the motto of motto “24 hours – No matter what”. This ensure availability of best medical care without any wastage of time by providing medical attention right through the transportation of the victims of Poly Trauma, Stroke, Cardiac a emergencies and other alarming situations Prompt and proper treatment by trained expert at a well equipped place can cure most patients conversely a delay of even a few hours could mean the loss of valuable life.


Diagnostics (Complete range of latest generation equipments)

SPECIAL DIAGNOSTICS and List of Equipments installed in Sahara Hospital
Comprehensive ranges of latest generation equipment include:-

Digital X-Ray

  • Ultrasound( including 4 D Ultrasound)
  • Doppler Studies
  • Cardiac CT scan
  • Echocardiography
  • Functional MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Digital Dental Radiology Including OPG (orthopentography)
  • Cardiac Catheterisation Lab
  • Mammography

Treatment Facilities

• Critical care Ambulances (Mobile ICUs)
• Round the clock emergency & Poly Trauma Care
• Intensive Care Units
• Neuro ICU
• Surgical ICU
• Transplant ICU
• Cardiothoracic ICU
• Cardiothoracic HDU
• Plastic Surgery ,Cosmetic & micro vascular Surgery
• ENT including Audiometry and Voice disorder (speech therapy clinic) and Head & Neck Surgery
• Orthopaedics – Trauma, All Joint replacement package and Arthroscopic surgery
• Rheumatology
• Clinical Hematology
• Endocrinology and Diabetology
• Endocrine Surgery
• Breast Surgery
• Immunology
• Interventional Pain management
• Physiotherapy
• Dietetics & Nutrition
• Preventive Medicine

Today we are doing Brain Ham-rage operation by one of the most neurosurgeon team along with Dr. M.N.Prasad.
OUR MISSION The mission of Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital is to provide quality healthcare with compassion efficiency. To apply and share new technology To Promote and environment in the hospital that facilitates protection of patient???s rights and commitment towards patient care.
The Philosophy of service to mankind was inherited from Late Ishwar Dayal Das with inspiration of Indian scripture- ???Well Being for one and all??? Bahujanya Hitaya???. Our vision is to establish one of our best super specialty hospitals which will provide the finest medical and surgical facilities to all categories of people at a lower cost.
OUR HOSPITAL FACILITIES :- 1. Highly qualified experienced & Skilled Doctors and trained Paramedical professionals. 2. Surgical specialists & Super specialist of all Surgical Specialties. 3. Round the clock presence of qualified & dedicated staff. 4. Nursing college with a constant resource of the most qualified nurses. 5. Good behavior and helpful staff in all department.
Ishwar Dayal is one of the best hospital in Patna.There are lots of facility provided to Patients in same premises.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL IDMH HOSPITAL FAMILY,MEERA HOSPITAL FAMILY & MAHI SCAN CENTRE FAMILY. May Your Dreams Blossom And Make You Happy In Many Ways..... Have a Wonderful New Year 2015. Ram Kumar(IT Head) IDMH patna.
Below all types of Medical cases handled by our teams :- ??? Neurosurgery ??? Neurology ??? Nephrology ??? Orthopedic ??? Obstetrics & Gynecology ??? Ophthalmology ??? Oncology-Surgical & Medical ??? Pain Management ??? Plastic Surgery & Micro vascular surgery ??? Pediatrics & Neonatology ??? Pediatric Surgery ??? Panchkarma ??? Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Psychology ??? Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine ??? Pulmonology ??? Poly Trauma Critical Care ??? Patholog
Today Director Sir arrange official meeting for all Employee. These meeting tell us how to improve our Hospitality and management skill to grow our business. We wish you all work as Team member and coordinate to each other. Director Sir tells one important thing that is "Honesty Is Best Policy??? We should follow all rules and regulation of this organization. Best Regards Dr. M.N Prasad Director(IDMH)
Brain Operation doing Continuously in Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital.
T P A :- As the concept of TPA (THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATOR) has been introduced by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). The individual insured will get an ID card issued by the TPA. This ID Card is useful and needed at the time of hospitalization. TPA department at Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital maintains databases of the various health Insurance companies for the cashless settlement for the patients. At the time of admission the policyholder or relative can flash the Phot
Corporate Tie Ups :- With the aim of facilitating best and quality medical services to our corporate houses, we are always on the lookout of good corporate & business houses to include them in our network. Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital, a unit of Ishwar Dayal Memorial India Medical Institute Ltd. is widely recognized healthcare center for Corporate and Businesses. Any Business organizations/ Institution would be well advised to opt for a corporate tie-up with Ishwar Dayal Memorial Hospital,
Department Of IDMH :- 1.Department of Internal Medicine 2.Department of Cardiology 3.Department of Nephrology 4.Department of Pediatrics 5.Department of Gastroenterology 6.Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics. 8.Department of General Surgery and 9.Plastic Surgery 10.Department of Laparoscopic Surgery 11.Department of Neurosurgery 12.Department of Orthopedic 13.Department of E.N.T 14.Department of Ophthalmology 15.Department of Maxillofacial 16.Department of Pathology 17.Dep

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